Create Your Taste


 Store design by  Juicy . Logo by CallisonRTKL.

Store design by Juicy. Logo by CallisonRTKL.

In response to changing consumer tides, McDonald's approached our team with a plan to test a new sub-menu focused on customization. Our team developed hundreds of identity concepts over a short 6 weeks to deliver an official McDonald's sub-brand for all proof of concept exercises, including extensive roll out in Australia, Europe, and select U.S. locations.




Pursuing a modern vision for a classic brand, we explored positioning for the customizable sub-brand and landed on key brand attributes: real, fresh, and personal. With that guiding light we pursued all directions of mark that spoke to authentic, hand-crafted, quality food - eventually achieving consensus on the name Create Your Taste. Our sub-brand needed to elevate the master brand, signal new and exciting brand offerings, be suitable for any protein, and executable in a wide variety of physical and digital platforms.

The winning logo concept combined an illustrative chef motif, modern script lettering, and a seal shape that could be applied with varying degrees of distress to imply "made-to-order", in a trendy modernized butcher shop style.


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