Flight Centre Headquarters

Environmental Graphic Design

© Judy Davis/HDPhoto 

© Judy Davis/HDPhoto 


Flight Centre is Australasia's best known travel agency with more than 2000 shops and businesses in 11 countries. The Americas business is FCTG’s largest operation outside Australia and consists of more than 550 shops and businesses across the leisure, corporate and wholesale travel sectors.

Our team was engaged by Flight Centre to design a progressive and evocative new American headquarters which reflected their unique culture and gave their 300 employees an efficient, engaging, and inspiring workplace. The new location covers 70,000 sf of office space over one and a half floors. The wide-open floor plan resulted in just a few walled offices or conference rooms, so our strategy was to take full advantage of the available vertical (and a few horizontal) surfaces.



As the parent of a large and growing family of brands, at the time of our project Flight Centre's brand identity was nebulous at best. To create a "branded" environment without the luxury of a solidified brand, our strategy centered around content that would never go out of style for the travel giant: the golden age of travel.

In keeping with the company’s purpose, “to open up the world for those who want to see”, walls and glass partitions feature floor-to-ceiling images of iconic travel destinations, overlaid with famous quotes from figures of that region; framed vintage travel posters speak to the romance of travel; and international airport codes were incorporated into custom distraction markings for full height glass partitions.

The heart of the office, quickly dubbed the “Lido Deck”, serves as gathering space for team rallies, a launchpad for trainees, a dining hall, and a cocktail lounge. Reminiscent of a cruise ship, the Lido Deck comes fully equipped with a well-stocked bar, ping pong, table arcade games, large screen TVs, bleacher seating, and a full-size shuffleboard court. Oversized core company values painted on the polished concrete floors are juxtaposed with dimensional letters, ‘Bon Voyage’, a glowing bar sign, and a tropical drink icon on the central column.

As homage to the group's irreverent culture playful icons and tongue-in-cheek wayfinding elements identify office zones. Behind the scenes, an intimate secondary layer of interactive ‘Discovery’ graphics provide the team with opportunities to collaborate, engage, and express themselves: including a usable lettered chalk-wall, super-sized wall magnets and a gigantic dry-erase sticky note.


Environmental Graphic Design

SIGNAGE & Wayfinding

Visual Design


© Judy Davis/HDPhoto 

© Judy Davis/HDPhoto 


Design & Art Direction: Rich Tugade
Design: Marissa Pirog & Noel Rivard
Fabrication: Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc.