Mrs. Eaves


Mrs. Eaves

Mrs. Eaves was designed by Zuzana Licko of Emigré in 1996. Named after John Baskerville's mistress and designed as a revival of his eponymous font, Mrs. Eaves is the first digital typeface designed to mimic the imperfections of the press.

Intentionally loose and uneven spacing landed Mrs. Eaves in a pigeonhole wherein she almost exclusively debuted in books of poetry at a maximum size of ten points.

Contrary to the implications of her most predominant use, Mrs. Eaves is actually quite bodacious in all her swashes and curves, and in fact was long overdue for her day in the sun.

As an alternative to a traditional type specimen an expressive, hand-painted shower curtain was designed to counteract a lifetime of "putting Baby in the corner."

Typographic curtain designed For TYPOGRAPHY II AT SCAD, 2011.